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Linked platforms together for an elevated pool floor.

Close-up of linking pins.


Swim Station

The Swim Station heads up  H2O Innovations' Teaching Aids. It is the most durable and versatile teaching platform available.  Some benefits of the Swim Station are:

Product Benefits:

• Build Confidence - Build confidence quickly and safely in young swimmers.

• Teach Progressively - Teaching platforms open up many possibilities for swimming games, drills and skills, and maintaining interest levels of young swimmers.

• Teach effectively - The use of teaching platforms will accelerate learning time.

• Durable - Powder coated, aluminum frame construction will provide years of care free use.

• Adjustable - Leg height adjusts to accommodate different age groups.

• Dimensions -
Width - 38"
Length - 60"
Height - 12", 14", 16"

• Options - Oversize leg kit (15”, 17”, and 19”).  Anodized coating (for extended use underwater when using multiple units to create elevated pool areas. Call for pricing).

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